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159 - We’re All Gonna Die with Eliezer Yudkowsky

This conversation with Eliezer Yudkowsky sent us into an existential crisis, with the primary claim that we are on the cusp of developing AI that will destroy humanity.
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Feb 22, 202301:49:22

Inside the episode

We wanted to do an episode on AI… and we went deep down the rabbit hole. As we went down, we discussed ChatGPT and the new generation of AI, digital superintelligence, the end of humanity, and if there’s anything we can do to survive.

Be warned before diving into this episode, dear listener. Once you dive in, there’s no going back.


0:00 Intro
10:00 ChatGPT
16:30 AGI
21:00 More Efficient than You
24:45 Modeling Intelligence
32:50 AI Alignment
36:55 Benevolent AI
46:00 AI Goals
49:10 Consensus
55:45 God Mode and Aliens
1:03:15 Good Outcomes
1:08:00 Ryan’s Childhood Questions
1:18:00 Orders of Magnitude
1:23:15 Trying to Resist
1:30:45 Miri and Education
1:34:00 How Long Do We Have?
1:38:15 Bearish Hope
1:43:50 The End Goal


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