158 - You're Not Bullish Enough on NFTs with Punk6529

Why they're inevitable and will shape the arc of history
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Feb 13, 202301:36:33

Inside the episode

Punk6529 is a pseudo-anonymous leader in the crypto space. He’s heavily focused on the world of NFTs and the metaverse and is known for putting together extremely punchy and thoughtful Twitter threads, thinking about the world from first principles.

NFTs will represent every single digital non-fungible token that exists…and there are going to be a lot of them. Is Punk6529 the most bullish person in the world on NFTs?

In this episode, 6529 shares the benefits of using an NFT-backed pseudonym instead of your state name, why the “freedom to transact” is an essential human liberty we’ll lose without crypto, how the Metaverse is just a visualization layer of NFTs, and why NFTs are more important than DeFi…probably the most important thing crypto has produced.

0:00 Intro
8:23 Who is Punk 6529?
13:00 Digital Identities
8:30 Freedom to Transact & Crypto Values
46:50 NFTs
1:24:51 Why NFTs Are Inevitable
1:33:20 Closing & Disclaimers


Freedom to Transact

Making It

On the Shortness of Life

Punk 6529

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