152 - Why Can't We Have Nice Things | Liv Boeree

Liv Boeree is a former professional poker player, master of game theory, systems thinker, and keen understander of the world of complex systems and the human experience.
Jan 9, 202301:39:4629,469 views

Inside the episode

She also is one of the few people out there in the world teaching about the lessons of Moloch— the study of human coordination—and is the reason why we wanted to have her on Bankless.

In the episode, Liv makes it clear how Moloch is more than an idea. Coordination and competition failures are happening in every aspect of our lives. Is crypto the solution?



0:00 Intro

8:24 Getting to Moloch

14:25 Meditations on Moloch

17:30 Defining Moloch

19:40 Unhealthy Competition or Coordination Failure

25:00 Nuclear Proliferation

26:30 Cancer

27:58 Moloch’s Ancient Analogy

31:18 Centralization

36:10 The Prisoner’s Dilemma

38:50 When Moloch is the Most Dangerous

43:50 How to Slay Moloch

52:10 Capitalism

59:44 Defining Moloch Cont.

1:02:20 Changing the Underlying Systems

1:08:20 Crypto & Coordination

1:15:15 Moloch’s All the Way Down

1:18:15 Moloch Isn’t One Thing

1:20:00 Better System Design

1:27:23 Crypto’s Moloch Problem

1:32:32 Moloch Takeaways

1:34:42 Liv’s Personal Moloch Connection

1:37:02 Closing & Disclaimers


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