150 - Bull Case for Ethereum IV with Justin Drake, DCinvestor, & Anthony Sassano

What's 2023 going to look like? Justin Drake, DC Investor, and Anthony Sassano give us their bull case for the new year and beyond.
Dec 22, 202201:54:3388,163 views

Inside the episode

A lot has changed since our previous "Bull Case for Ethereum” episode. Our fourth installment comes at one of the most pivotal moments in crypto's history.

The industry is still reeling from the collapse of FTX and macro uncertainty looms. But with the merge behind us and so much to look forward to on the Ethereum roadmap it's still hard not to be bullish.


0:00 Intro

7:09 Ethereum’s Original Promises

13:02 Promise Critiques

14:55 2022 Sentiment

27:41 ETH’s Risk to Reward Justification

35:58 ETH 2018 vs. Now vs. SOL

49:39 Bullish Ethereum Roadmap

55:05 EVM & zkEVM Concerns

1:00:07 MEV & Censorship

1:04:13 Post-Quantum

1:08:29 Zooming Out on the Roadmap

1:18:27 Market Opportunity

1:40:10 Timeline

1:44:30 What DCinvestor is Doing

1:48:28 Sassal’s Closing Thoughts

1:51:41 Closing & Disclaimers


Justin Drake

DC Investor

Anthony Sassano

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