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134 - Ethereum Uncensored with Justin Drake

Is Ethereum the Most Censorship Resistant Chain? We ask Justin Drake.
Aug 29, 202202:14:45

Inside the episode

With Tornado Cash sanctioning news making waves, the crypto community is asking a big question: Is censorship on Ethereum possible?

Establishing and preserving censorship resistance is possibly the most important challenge faced by the network.


0:00 Intro

6:00 Justin Drake Returns

8:45 What is Censorship Resistance?

13:00 Censorship in Crypto

15:25 Weak vs Strong Censorship

21:25 Ethereum Today

26:35 The Ethereum Nation

31:12 Why This Matters

35:25 Preventing Weak Censorship

42:55 Light Clients

46:26 Proposers and Builders

52:50 Enforcing Transactions

59:24 The Mempool

1:03:45 The Weak Censorship Endgame

1:10:00 Preventing Strong Censorship

1:15:00 Diversity

1:20:00 Activist Staking

1:26:25 A Recovery Scenario

1:33:40 Social Fork

1:40:40 A Forking Deterrent

1:44:45 The Human Shield

1:50:45 Property Rights

2:01:00 The Strong Censorship Endgame

2:05:00 The Broader Context

2:10:56 Justin’s Confidence


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