130 - How to Fix DeFi Tokens | Hasu

This is Hasu’s 5th appearance on Bankless and this might be his best one yet. If you’re unfamiliar, Hasu is a crypto-economic researcher at Paradigm, strategist at Flashbots solving MEV, host of Uncommon Core, and more recently, a Governor delegate for MakerDAO and overall DAO governance thinker.
Aug 1, 202201:41:59

Inside the episode

In this episode, we’re going to reorg your brain about what it means to be a DAO. Hear what’s broken about DAOs, the potential solutions, what regulation could do to help, and so much more.


0:00 Intro

6:10 DeFi Token Brokenness

12:36 Treasury Management

15:29 Uniswap Token & Fees

27:09 Uniswap’s Strategy

29:58 DAO Governance & Business

33:06 DAOs vs. Digital Organizations

41:55 Regulation vs. DAO Governance

44:53 Founder & Protocol Alignment

50:09 Regulatory Clarity

1:00:16 Regulation’s Bull Case

1:03:58 Game Theory & Gov. Adoption

1:08:05 DAO Constitutions

1:13:13 The Value Prop of DeFi

1:21:03 SubDAOs & Voting

1:28:00 DAO Costs

1:31:04 Summary & Action Items

1:34:09 Why Be Optimistic of DeFi

1:40:53 Closing & Disclaimers



Fake Dao vs Real Daos by Gabriel Shapiro

The Market for Promises by Anthony Lee Zhang

A Stupid Simple Governance Framework by Andrew Beal

Hasu’s Recent Maker Governance Post

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