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11 - How to go Bankless with Compound | Robert Leshner

Interest as a money lego & the future role of COMP tokens
May 11, 2020

Inside the episode

Your savings account, your high-yield bank deposits, a CD. Can we replace these bank functions with a protocol?

Compound seems to think so. Compound is a two-sized money robot that provides borrowing and lending to create something new: interest. Learn what it does, why it's powerful, and how it's evolving as we talk with Robert Leshner. We even ask if there's a way for the community to get its hand on some Comp tokens and start shaping the future of the protocol.


  • What you can do w/ Compound

  • Power of programmable interest

  • How Compound's different than:

    • WellsFargo (traditional banks)

    • Maker (other procotols)

    • BlockFi (crypto banks)

  • If crypto banks will out-compete DeFi

  • How you can get COMP tokens

  • Future of protocol politicians

  • The protocol sink thesis

  • Robert's biggest fear for DeFi

  • How the Bankless community can help

This is our final of three episodes in the "King Money Protocols Series" where we talk through the three most important DeFi protocols. Catch up on Episode 10 and Episode 9 if you missed them.

Before the episode begins we also talk about:

  • Tron stealing our tax money
  • What wBTC backing means for DAI


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