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40 - WTF Happened in 2020? | Meltem Demirors

Chatting with the CIO of CoinShares on the economic and social state of the world
Nov 23, 2020

Inside the episode

Meltem Demirors is Chief Strategy Officer of Coinshares and the former Vice President of the Digital Currency Group. She’s advocated for crypto in front of Congress and is an overall badass.

Meltem looks answers the question 'WTF Happened in 2020', specifically as it relates to monetary policy from the Federal Reserve, economic forces that result from a top-heavy pension, and social welfare system. She also touches on how COVID impacts financial decision-making.

This is our first video-podcast, because Meltem brought RECEIPTS. She has DATA and CHARTS and FIGURES to show!

We also turn to a discussion on Bitcoin vs Ethereum identity and in-group, out-group dynamics, and have a jovial discussion regarding tribalistic affairs.

Hope you enjoy!


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