30 - Synthetix to Billions | Kain Warwick

Chatting with the founder of Synthetix on building community, solving coordination problems, his worldview, and bull market predictions
Sep 14, 202001:52:56

Inside the episode

Kain Warwick is the founder of the Synthetix Platform, a protocol for generating and trading synthetic digital assets. Kain himself is known for leaning towards crypto-anarchist side of the political spectrum

How did this come about? How has this impacted the building of Synthetix?

Synthetix itself has stood resilient against the 2018/19 bear market. Why? What was the unique advantage of Synthetix vs other 2017 ICO platforms?

What's next for Synthetix now that gas fees are 200+ gwei?


1) Kain's political stance
2) How this reflected in Synthetix
3) Motivation and Grit around building and producing
4) Growing Community and Culture during a bear market
5) Degen Spartan, and 6 dolla SNX
6) Introducing the SIP process
7) Introducing Yield Farming
8) Recursive upside/downside to SNX + ETH collateral in Synthetix

9) L2 scaling with Optimism
10) Bull market predictions


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