30 - Synthetix to Billions | Kain Warwick

Chatting with the founder of Synthetix on building community, solving coordination problems, his worldview, and bull market predictions
Sep 14, 2020

Inside the episode

Kain Warwick is the founder of the Synthetix Platform, a protocol for generating and trading synthetic digital assets. Kain himself is known for leaning towards crypto-anarchist side of the political spectrum

How did this come about? How has this impacted the building of Synthetix?

Synthetix itself has stood resilient against the 2018/19 bear market. Why? What was the unique advantage of Synthetix vs other 2017 ICO platforms?

What's next for Synthetix now that gas fees are 200+ gwei?


1) Kain's political stance
2) How this reflected in Synthetix
3) Motivation and Grit around building and producing
4) Growing Community and Culture during a bear market
5) Degen Spartan, and 6 dolla SNX
6) Introducing the SIP process
7) Introducing Yield Farming
8) Recursive upside/downside to SNX + ETH collateral in Synthetix

9) L2 scaling with Optimism
10) Bull market predictions


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