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📺 SotN #48: Arbitrum Launch | Steven Goldfeder & Harry Kalodner

DeFi Layer 2 Summer with the Arbitrum Team
Jun 2, 202101:38:2755,637 views

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Arbitrum is one of Ethereum's hottest L2 scaling solutions, and it has LAUNCHED! We bring on CEO Steven Goldfeder and CTO Harry Kalodner to discuss this milestone for crypto and DeFi.

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📺 Episode 48 of State of the Nation

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State of the Nation #48: Arbitrum Launch

Guests: Steven Goldfeder & Harry Kalodner

June 1, 2021

Steven Goldfeder is Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Offchain Labs. He holds a PhD from Princeton University, where he worked at the intersection of cryptography and cryptocurrencies. Harry Kalodner is Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Offchain Labs, where he leads the engineering team. Before Offchain, he attended Princeton as a PhD candidate, where his research explored economics, anonymity, and incentive compatibility of cryptocurrencies.

Arbitrum released its Mainnet for Developers last Friday. This is an EVM-Compatible Layer 2 Optimistic Rollup, which allows for scaling Ethereum's app layer without sacrificing layer 1 Ethereum security & consensus. This is a massive step forward for the blockchain space and a culmination of years of technical research and testing. This is a milestone in effectively scaling blockchains, while maintaining core cypherpunk values.

There are tremendous opportunities and possibilities in this new digital real estate. This hub of optimized blockspace keeps the economic security guarantees of Ethereum and poses to greatly improve the DeFi user experience. To scale to a billion users, projects like Arbitrum need to earn legitimacy and demonstrate efficacy as the Ethereum ecosystem continues to mature. In the immediate term, the next few months will be exciting to watch - will we see a DeFi Layer 2 Summer?



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