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56 - Authenticity in Crypto | 1confirmation

Narratives vs. Fundamentals with 1confirmation's Nick Tomaino and Richard Chen
Mar 15, 202101:42:42328,442 views

Inside the episode

Nick Tomaino and Richard Chen are partners at 1confirmation, a crypto venture fund with $75M+ in assets under management (AUM). In this episode, we explore the relationship between narratives and fundamentals in the space.

Their approach to investing? Seeking out authenticity and pursuing long-term goals.


  • 1confirmation’s Investing Thesis

  • How This Bull Market Feels

  • The Importance of Authenticity

  • Crypto-Natives vs. The Fakes

  • Narratives vs. Fundamentals

  • On-Chain Verifiable Authenticity

  • What’s Next for Crypto?


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